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Services and Publications*

  • Heritage Sketch. A bound hard copy of personalised genealogical research not exceeding six hours of research. A collection of primary resources and local and international research networks are used to sketch an extensive outline of your family tree. This sketch collates the knowledge you already have of your family history and attempts to locate new branches of your family tree to pursue further. Includes research report, ancestor report, family tree chart, printing, binding, and postage. Price: $400 AUD.
  • Want to know if that family story about being German really is true? Was your great aunt really Mata Hari? Did my father’s uncle ever remarry and have more children? Does that skeleton in the closet really exist? Personalised family history research: $45 AUD per hour.
  • Can’t read all that old squiggly writing? Transcription of historical documents: $35 AUD per hour.
  • Want to see your family’s history in book format? Personalised family history manuscript preparation: price and terms negotiable.
  • Got a project you need finished yesterday? Personalised research (terms negotiable): $45 AUD per hour.
  • “I’d like documentation that could serve as legal proof my great Grandmother Angela von Templin who was born on 30 September 1875 left Bremen on 7 August 1902. I would like you to continue your research if you locate evidence of disembarkation.” Location of historical records (multiple particulars known): $40 AUD per hour
  • I guess I’d just love to see some shipping records but all I have is my  great grandmother’s name and only a vague idea of where she was from.” Location of historical records (few particulars known): $45 AUD per hour.
  • Need to know basis? Confidential historical and/or other documentary research for organisations (private and government): price negotiable.

N.B. Rachel is able to conduct research in the German language.

* Prices listed do not include the cost of official certificates.